Why donate?

The CsAcademie game server is hosted by a hosting provider, and the rental of the server is not free. The donations make it possible to finance the rental of this server. In addition, the domain name is also paid for by donations. Without donations, the server could not exist. You will be able to follow all cash inflows and outflows on the transactions page.

How much does it cost ?

The game server costs 54 € 00 per month.
The domain name costs around € 3 per year. (The sample is usually taken in May)
This amount is then divided equally among all members. The share is usually under € 2 per month.

How to give?

Currently, donations are made only via Paypal. To make a donation, you must be registered and connected to the site and then go to the funding page. You can donate the amount you want. You will then have a portfolio associated with the site, and it will credit itself with your donation. (Warning, paypal takes a commission on each transaction). Your wallet is also limited: you will not be able to donate more than € 20, for security reasons.

What do I gain?

  • By making a donation, you give yourself the opportunity to play in good conditions.
  • You’ll have a team TAG which will identify you on the sever
  • You will be able to participate in the internal forum, and have access to administrators.
  • You will also participate in the evolution of the server.

In any case, a donor is subject to the same status as a normal player on the map, and his/her status as a donor will not prevent him/her from being sanctioned.